Serving the Community with STEMM, GPS Engineering and Beyond

Serving the Community with STEMM, GPS Engineering and Beyond

Every day, Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. serves the component needs of some of the nation’s most advanced aircraft, ground vehicles, ships and other essential machinery. But did you know that we also play a proud role in our community closer to home, too?

Just read on as we share some of the ways ASEI (as one of the leading GPS manufacturers and test equipment companies) devotes itself to our local neighborhood and the national community as a whole. Take a look.

Supporting STEMM students with engaging activities

It may be back-to-school season, but our passion for engineering education abounds all year long.

Of course, before any members of our team started designing defense components that would be sought-after on a national level, we were students interested in the exciting, ever-changing world of STEMM (or science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine). With job opportunities in this field only expected to grow in the years and decades ahead, we find it important—and rewarding—to equip today’s students to solve tomorrow’s STEMM questions, and have some fun along the way, too. This is why we proudly play a part in programs such as the local Okaloosa STEMM Academy’s robotics team, Radioactive Roaches, and give back to STEMM initiatives across the country to help foster the future of engineering.

Giving back where it matters most

We recognize the important role we play in our community, and always seek to show our appreciation for the families and businesses that help fuel our own. At ASEI, we proudly sponsor local teams as a part of our effort to bolster our community and the people who call it “home.”

Promoting safety and security on a national level

Of course, our neighborhood joins with countless communities like it across the United States to form a greater national network. We recognize the importance of playing a cohesive role in this country-wide community, and work to help the nation’s leading defense agencies (from the U.S. Navy to the Air Force and more) perform their jobs with equipment they can count on, year after year.

Whether we are supporting local students as they take their first steps into the ever-evolving world of STEMM, or designing components that will be used in some of the country’s most advanced defense machinery, we here at ASEI are committed to excellence and upholding the community in all aspects of our work. Learn more by contacting us today. 

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