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For more than 20 years, Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. has proudly served the defense industry with weapons testing, navigational systems, simulators and so much more. Learn more about our contributions to the field today.

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News Resilient Navigation Systems and the Future of Jamming
What once revolutionized navigation and aviation has now been engrained throughout everyday applications the world over. GPS powers communication, surveillance, and other functions that we rely on to stay safe. However, over the course of the last five years, cases of GPS outages have risen dramatically due to deliberate interference. Continue reading to learn more about what the future of GPS denial has in store for us and why you need resilient systems.
News Built for Success: The Components of Integrated GPS/INS Systems
In the world of resilient navigation systems, sensor fusion is an umbrella term that is growing in popularity. It does not refer specifically to GPS or INS systems but rather the amalgamation of all available information to generate the most accurate locational information in all conditions – including GPS-denied environments. To accomplish this, GPS/INS systems utilize a plethora of complex components to provide navigational solutions. In order to better understand how we manufacture our navigation systems, first understand some major components that go into them.
News Navigation Manufacturers: How UAVs Provide Insight to the Defense Industry
The United States has been using drones since the 1990s to help save lives and aid in several missions. They have recently grown exponentially in popularity with civilians for hobby and recreation purposes, but UAVs also promise much more noteworthy benefits in several industries, including agriculture, transport, and construction. However, UAVs have served to especially revolutionize defense industry operations. These are three of the most common ways for UAVs to provide invaluable insight to the defense industry.
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