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For more than 20 years, Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. has proudly served the defense industry with GPS/INS engineering, weapons testing, navigational systems, simulators, and so much more. Learn more about our contributions to the field today.

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News Wazer: Defense Contractor Enjoys a Small Waterjet
Based in the Florida panhandle and founded in 1993 on the success of the first GPS-guided bomb, defense contractor Applied Systems Engineering (ASEI) has made fundamental contributions to the field of Munitions Design and Testing through its navigation systems found in USAF and USN aircraft.
News GPS vs. GNSS: What the Differences Mean for Navigation Systems
Generally, when people use the acronym “GPS," they are referring specifically to North America’s global positioning system. GPS technology has been ingrained into the lives of everyday consumers, as they use this satellite network in order to share their locations with others or navigate to places of interest. However, the North American global positioning system is not the only navigation technology used to source location data and other relevant information. The North American GPS network and these various alternatives are all types of global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs).
News GPS Denied Environment: How AI Is Transforming Defense Strategies
For years, the U.S. military has relied on GPS signals to monitor their locations and carefully track the position of key assets. GPS signals also play a key role in mission planning and strategy development. However, enemy combatants have become increasingly adept at creating complex GPS environments. Operating in such an environment can put mission objectives, equipment, and, most importantly, personnel at risk. The latest generation of intelligent nav systems are beginning to leverage state of the art technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are transforming defense strategies and revolutionizing the combat landscape.
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