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News GPS vs. GNSS: What the Differences Mean for Navigation Systems
Generally, when people use the acronym “GPS," they are referring specifically to North America’s global positioning system. GPS technology has been ingrained into the lives of everyday consumers, as they use this satellite network in order to share their locations with others or navigate to places of interest. However, the North American global positioning system is not the only navigation technology used to source location data and other relevant information. The North American GPS network and these various alternatives are all types of global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs).
News GPS Denied Environment: How AI Is Transforming Defense Strategies
For years, the U.S. military has relied on GPS signals to monitor their locations and carefully track the position of key assets. GPS signals also play a key role in mission planning and strategy development. However, enemy combatants have become increasingly adept at creating complex GPS environments. Operating in such an environment can put mission objectives, equipment, and, most importantly, personnel at risk. The latest generation of intelligent nav systems are beginning to leverage state of the art technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence. These technologies are transforming defense strategies and revolutionizing the combat landscape.
News Why the Future of Drones Depends on Embedded Flight Systems
Over the last decade, drones have played a pivotal role in numerous military operations around the globe. At this point, it is clear that drones will be a centerpiece of the military of the future. This news comes as no surprise, as these advanced avionics systems allow military personnel to carry out essential missions without risking the lives of friendly assets. However, drone technology has the potential to revolutionize a broad range of private sectors as well. To step into this role, drone technology must take another huge leap forward. This step will require drone developers to invest in embedded flight systems. These fully integrated systems engineering solutions offer the resilience and versatility necessary for drones to perform in a diverse range of combat and non-combat environments.
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