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For more than 20 years, Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. has proudly served the defense industry with GPS/INS engineering, weapons testing, navigational systems, simulators, and so much more. Learn more about our contributions to the field today.

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News ASEI’s ATACNAV Featured in ION Quarterly Newsletter
The Institute of Navigation – ION for short – is one of the leading organizations advancing the industry of positioning, navigation, and timing. Its international membership includes a wide-reaching group of expert navigators, educators, engineers, physicists, airline pilots, and more from every corner of the world. Together, this professional thinktank of industry experts looks ahead to the future of navigational solutions. Membership benefits of ION include a subscription to the quarterly ION Newsletter, which features the latest opinion pieces, major event summaries, and product highlights from around the industry. We are proud to announce that ASEI’s very own Advanced Tactical Navigator (ATACNAV) was featured in the spring issue of the ION Newsletter, providing industry peers the opportunity to take a glimpse into our high accuracy, alt-PNT solution for weapon systems.
News Why Your Avionics Need GPS/INS Solutions for Anti-Drone Technologies
As avionic technology develops, so too does its counters. Anti-drone systems engineering and counter-drone strategies are advancing nearly as quickly, if not faster, than the development of drones themselves. Yet, the need for drones in the modern world is growing more and more with each passing day. It’s a widely known fact that for most avionics to succeed, they have to rely on GPS/INS technology to properly navigate any space remotely. With GPS spoofers and jammers becoming more prevalent, you need GPS and INS (inertial navigation systems) solutions that can make your avionics viable.
News GNC: Identifying the Components of Autonomous Systems Engineering
GNC is a critical component of autonomous systems engineering. Even unmanned aerial vehicles can travel to target locations in a GPS denied environment with pinpoint precision thanks to the technological capabilities of GNC and avionics engineering. But, what is GNC and how does it power autonomous piloting? Below, we go into greater detail about the three components of GNC engineering and how it affects avionics systems.
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