From Design to Delivery: 5 Steps to Safer, Smarter Systems in GPS-Denied Environments

From Design to Delivery: 5 Steps to Safer, Smarter Systems in GPS-Denied Environments

At ASEI, we design products that are used in some of the world’s most exacting conditions, such as those found in weapons and launching systems. Throughout our entire engineering process, we work tirelessly to ensure that our defense endeavors deliver the precise results you depend on. Just read on to discover some of the steps that go into our process, and what you can expect from working on a project with ASEI. Take a look.

A foundation of excellence

Long before we begin your unique project, we have a foundation of internal navigation systems expertise to pull from. ASEI has been engineering defense components and technology for GPS-denied environments for more than 20 years—and in fact, our founders Tim Elbert and David Gaskill formed the team that helped design and demonstrate the first GPS guided bomb, the JDAM Operational Concept Demonstration.

Bringing big ideas to life

At our engineering center in Niceville, FL, you will find the beginnings of every great big idea ASEI has to offer. This campus is home to an avionics production center, high-performance computing cluster and engineering design and support offices for a comprehensive design process from the very beginning.

Custom touches

Did you know that we can create customized navigation systems for your specific needs? For every unique project we take on, we build upon the standard of ASEI excellence you’ve come to know and expect with custom touches that apply to your project needs.

Testing for a more precise product

After our design and engineering work takes place at our facility in Niceville, FL, our products undergo the testing and laboratory process about 1600 miles away in Tucson, AZ. By operating with two talented teams in different regions of the country (both, incidentally, known for their sunshine!), we are able to dedicate a thorough, comprehensive effort to each aspect of the design and testing process.

Continuing our commitment to customers (and beyond)

At ASEI, our commitment to our customers does not stop with the design and delivery of a quality product—we are passionate about fostering long-term working relationships with the organizations we serve, and are here when you need us with any questions or new project ideas. We also care about giving back to the communities we call “home,” and promoting interest in the STEMM field by contributing to hands-on programs across the country! In this way, we keep the momentum and scientific innovations going long beyond the final flourish on your GPS component or other device is completed.

Our work is guiding the way toward tomorrow’s technological innovations. ASEI embraces excellent service and integrity at every step of our process, and invite you to learn more about it today!

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