Resilient Navigation Systems and the Future of Jamming

Resilient Navigation Systems and the Future of Jamming

What once revolutionized navigation and aviation has now been engrained throughout everyday applications the world over. GPS powers communication, surveillance, and other functions that we rely on to stay safe. However, over the course of the last five years, cases of GPS outages have risen dramatically due to deliberate interference. Continue reading to learn more about what the future of GPS denial has in store for us and why you need resilient systems.

Worldwide Conflict

More often than not, widespread GPS outages occur in areas of political tension and conflict. For example, there were more than 3,500 reports of outages throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East, and Caucasus in 2019 – a figure that will continue to grow going forward. With additional outages taking place as far as Italy, Egypt, and many parts of Asia, jamming is nigh unavoidable. It even takes place right here in the United States.

The Purpose of Jamming

GPS jamming is highly effective at disrupting communications and navigation. Plus, it can be used as a defense against automated aviation. What it boils down to is one entity seeking to make thing as difficult as possible for their target. Whether being used for criminal mischief or electromagnetic warfare, jamming is the future of conflict.

How Jamming Affects Aviation

GPS outages are sporadic and unpredictable. They can occur anywhere in the world and can last for periods of time longer than 30 minutes. Loss of GPS forces aircraft to rely on other means of navigation that can be extremely dangerous if not equipped with GPS/INS systems, which use GPS to aid inertial navigation systems and provide precise location. Furthermore, as fewer aircraft have flown over the past year, it has been harder to pinpoint an accurate figure of the consequences of jamming on avionics systems.

How GPS Companies Are Fighting Back

GPS jamming is likely going to remain a pivotal piece in conflict and criminal mischief for many years to come. Since it’s not going away on its own, it’s up to avionics engineering to find modern solutions. The most important thing is contingency. Not all jamming can be prevented but you can have a backup plan in place. Be aware of the threats of jamming when navigating through dangerous GPS-denied environments of the world. Even reliable technology can fail in the face of cutting-edge jamming.

As your leader in GPS/INS technology, Applied Systems Engineering Inc. is blazing the trail of resilient systems. We engineer solutions to the problems of today while looking to the future to stop jamming in its tracks before it compromises your avionics systems. In uncertain times, you need dependable navigation. Contact ASEI today – we will work with you to meet the unique needs of your project.

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