When Precision Counts: 4 Facts About ASEI's Role in Detailed Defense Design

When Precision Counts: 4 Facts About ASEI's Role in Detailed Defense Design

With more than 25 years of experience, ASEI is proud to be part of a rich tradition of aerospace excellence. As nationally recognized experts in GPS-denied navigation systems, we know the industry inside and out—but here are four facts you may not have known about our work and the field as a whole. Take a look.

ASEI is writing GPS history

It would be impossible to talk about the history aerospace and defense without talking about ASEI. Founders Tim Elbert and David Gaskill, for example, brought their expertise to the first GPS guided bomb (the JDAM Operational Concept Demonstration) before beginning ASEI—and ever since, their pioneering spirit has characterized our work, which has included manufacturing, simulation systems, the integration of INS/GPS technology into munitions and so much more.

Aerospace and defense workers play a pivotal role in the United States economy

At ASEI, we are proud to be part of a larger, nationwide framework of aerospace and defense innovators. At nearly 2.2 million workers, A&D workers make up more than one percent of the country’s total workforce, according to the Aerospace Industries Association.

A&D across the country

A&D work happens across the country, and ASEI is strategically positioned to benefit from the workforce in some of the industry’s most thriving talent pools, coast to coast. We operate engineering and testing facilities in Niceville, Florida and Tucson, Arizona, respectively. These states are among the top ten in terms of A&D employment, according to the Aerospace Industries Association.

We’re down-to-Earth, too

For all of ASEI’s work in manufacturing and engineering sophisticated munitions and flight technology, we also operate on a down-to-Earth level (literally), providing organizations like yours with IT services, custom cable harnessing and other practical solutions for all of those day-to-day defense industry needs.

To stay up to date with developments in the aerospace and defense industry, be sure to follow ASEI. A leading name in GPS-denied technology, munition design and more, we are proud to be part of this thriving, ever-changing field, and invite you to learn more about our innovative work and custom solutions.

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