Mission Support/Test Equipment


The RATS is a multipurpose avionics test set designed for testing a variety of computer-based avionics systems.  The RATS is equipped with a ruggedized computer and software configurable interface electronics that provide the user with a flexible set of capabilities when testing avionics systems.

Applications: Preflight checks • Loading munitions Operational Flight Software (OFS) • Periodic maintenance checks

Current configurations supportsATACNAV, Griffin, Pyros, Small Guided Munition, Common Launcher, Smart Launcher and others.

Features: Integrated GPS L1/L2 • External High Gain GPS Antenna • Ruggedized computer o Touchscreen o Daylight Readable Display o Certified to MIL-STD 810G o Certified to IP65  o Certified to MIL-STD-461F • DS-101 Key Fill Port • Manual SAASM Zeroize Capability • System Reprogramming Capability • Instrumentation Data Output • Automatic Test Log Generation • Self Contained o Includes Interface Cabling o Integrated Pelican Case • Man portable • Supports Multiple Avionics  Systems o INS/GPS Navigation Systems o Smart Guided Weapons o Smart Launch Systems

Specifications: Power o 110VAC o 300 Watts o 50-60 Hz • GPS o L1/L2 Reference Receiver o 50 Foot RF Cable • Temperature o Operating: -20°C  to  +60°C o Storage: -40°C  to  +70°C • Form Factor o 20.62" x 16.87" x 8.12" o <30 to 65 lbs • Minimal RF Emissions o No WiFi o No Bluetooth • Test Functions o GPS RF o BIT Monitoring o Communications o Sub-system Status o Reprogramming

* The RATS unit is not pictures above; it is just one of many test equipment options we have to offer at ASEI! Be sure to contact us today to learn more.